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S & S Foundation

"Transforming Homelessness to Homeownership - Providing a Comprehensive Pathway to Affordable Housing and Financial Empowerment."

Our nonprofit organization is dedicated to breaking the cycle of homelessness by providing a comprehensive pathway to affordable housing and financial empowerment. Through our unique program, we equip individuals and families experiencing homelessness with the resources and support necessary to achieve the stability and independence that comes with owning a home.

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About Us

Making Homeownership Possible


A world where everyone has access to safe, stable, and free resources to gain affordable housing.


To empower homeless individuals, low to moderate income families, and veterans to achieve sustainable homeownership through education, support, and access to resources.


The Focus of Our Efforts

Homeownership Classes

Learn how to purchase home via homeownership course

Financial Coaching 

Provide financial coaching to help save, budget and build your credit score

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Our Impact

Hear what our clients are saying about us

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Laura was a single mother who had always dreamed of owning her own home. She didn't know where to start or how to navigate the complicated process of applying for a mortgage. She turned to our organization for guidance and support. We helped her understand her credit score, provided resources for first-time homebuyers, and connected her with our financial coach. Thanks to our guidance, Laura was able to start getting her finances on track to attain homeownership and appreciate our flexibility due to her busy work schedule
-Current Participant (Fictitious name to protect identity)

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Emily is a hard working single mother but wanted to invest in a home to leave as an inheritance for her child. She was intimidated by the homebuying process and worried about her limited income. Our organization provided her with resources for homebuyers and a financial coach. We also connected her with reputable real estate agent who specialized in the first time home buying process. Thanks to our support, Emily was able to complete the financial coaching program with a raised credit score and thought the envelope method really worked for her. She is currently waiting to get in our housing program.
-Financial Coaching Graduate Participant (Fictitious name to protect identity)

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Thank You for Your Support!

"We're immensely grateful for our Partners' contributions, which drive our mission to empower the homeless on their journey to homeownership. Together, we're creating positive change and transforming lives. Thank you for believing in our vision and for being an essential part of our journey. With heartfelt appreciation. -SSF"

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Contact Us

P.O. Box 181334, Tallahassee, FL 32318


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