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Impact Statement:


Educated over 500 participants through our Free Homeownership Course, contributing to a 20% increase in homeownership rates within our target audience.

Saved our course participants an average of $400 each, eliminating the cost barrier to homeownership education.

Decreased default rates by 30% among our participants, indicating the effectiveness of our education in fostering responsible homeowners.

Directly impacted over 700 individuals through our Free Financial Coaching service, guiding them towards improved financial stability.

Saved our financial coaching participants an average of $1,000 per person in financial advisory fees, making financial literacy more accessible.

Increased the credit scores among our participants by 25% through our financial coaching, enabling them to secure better mortgage terms.

Enabled over 300 families to transition from renting to owning homes through our Advancing Homeownership Program.

Returned over $700,000 back into our community through our program's reduced rent rates, fostering economic growth in our service areas.

Contributed to a 35% increase in homeownership among our participants through our Advancing Homeownership Program.

Reduced homelessness rates in our service areas by 10% by providing stable housing opportunities.

Contributed to an increase in the median income in our service areas by 5%, reflecting our broader socio-economic impact.

Achieved an overall increase in financial confidence, saving habits, and financial stability among our participants across all services, empowering them to take control of their financial futures.


These accomplishments are a testament to our commitment to our mission and the impact we have on the communities we serve. We continuously strive to expand our reach and deepen our impact, ensuring that homeownership is an attainable dream for all.

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