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A world where everyone has access to safe, stable, and free resources to gain affordable housing.


To empower homeless individuals with income, low to moderate income families, and veterans to achieve sustainable homeownership through education, support, and access to resources.

Program Overview 

The Advancing Homeownership Program provides temporary housing up to 18 months at reduced rent to qualified participants while receiving free financial coaching on how to save, budget and build credit score in order to qualify for a mortgage to purchase a home for the first time. This program will help tackle homelessness, create more homeowners, provide financial education to sustain homeownership and build a resilient community.

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The aim to develop housing solutions that are environmentally responsible and can be sustained over the long-term.



The approach of putting oneself in someone else's shoes and understanding their needs and perspectives, particularly when serving those in need of affordable housing.



The belief in the worth and value of every individual, and the right of all to safe and stable housing. Partnership: The idea of working together with others, including stakeholders and community partners, to achieve a common goal of providing access to affordable housing for all.



We teach self-awareness and self-love to individuals and families as well as our staff.  We teach and prepare our applicants, so that they can live a fulfilling life. 



We create an environment of encouragement and optimism. 



We encourage our staff and individuals to aspire to be the absolute best versions of themselves.  



Through hard work, commitment and dedication we help each other work through tough circumstances. 


5 Star Services

We provide continuous and excellent customer service to the public.


Efficient Solutions

We provide an avenue to higher education that deepen peoples’ understanding and helps develop critical thinking, reasoning skills and financial literacy. 



Everyone is responsible for their own happiness Brand Promise "We will always put the needs of those we serve first."

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 Business Statement 

Business Impact Statement:

S & S Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit organization based in Tallahassee, FL, is revolutionizing the path to homeownership for marginalized communities in Franklin, Gadsden, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, Madison, Taylor, and Wakulla counties. Through our comprehensive suite of services, we are dismantling financial barriers, equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge and tools, and fostering a community of confident homeowners. As a result, we are not just aiding in the procurement of homes; we are creating an empowering and sustainable homeownership journey for veterans, homeless individuals with income, and low to moderate-income families.

Free Homeownership Course Impact

  1. The Free Homeownership Course demystifies the homeownership process and equips participants with essential knowledge, paving the way for informed decisions.

  2. Our course has educated over 500 participants since its inception, contributing to a 20% increase in homeownership rates within our target audience.

  3. This service eliminates the cost of homeownership education, helping participants save an average of $400 per person.

  4. Through this course, participants meet the educational requirement for HUD housing down payment assistance, opening doors to financial aid.

  5. The course empowers individuals to take control of their homeownership journey, with over 85% of participants reporting increased confidence and understanding.

  6. We have witnessed a 30% decrease in default rates among our participants, a testament to the power of our course in creating responsible homeowners.

  7. Equips participants with the skills necessary to navigate the real estate market.

  8. Creates informed homeowners who are less likely to default on their mortgage payments.

  9. Facilitates the transition from renters to homeowners, leading to increased community stability.

This service aligns with our mission to educate potential homeowners and bridge the information gap that often impedes homeownership. By providing this course free of charge, we are staying true to our core value of inclusivity, ensuring that financial constraints are not a barrier to education.  


Free Financial Coaching Impact

  1. Our Free Financial Coaching service provides participants with the financial acumen needed to maintain and sustain their homes, reducing foreclosure rates by 15% within our service area.

  2. This service has directly impacted over 700 individuals, helping them navigate their financial journey with confidence.

  3. By offering free financial coaching, we've saved our participants an average of $1,000 per person in financial advisory fees.

  4. The coaching sessions empower individuals to develop a sustainable financial plan, with 90% of participants reporting improved financial habits and budgeting skills.

  5. The service has resulted in a 25% increase in credit scores among our participants, enhancing their borrowing power.

  6. We've assisted over 60% of our participants in achieving their financial goals, enabling them to secure and maintain homeownership.

  7. Helps individuals build a solid financial foundation for their future.

This service underscores our vision to not just facilitate homeownership but to ensure its sustainability. The financial coaching service stands as a testament to our commitment to education and empowerment, as we believe that these are the cornerstones of long-term homeownership.  

Advancing Homeownership Program Impact

  1. The Advancing Homeownership Program provides an affordable pathway to homeownership, enabling over 300 families to transition from renting to owning homes.

  2. The program offers reduced rent rates, allowing participants to save an average of $200 per month. These savings have collectively returned over $700,000 back into the pockets of our community.

  3. This program fosters a culture of saving, with 75% of participants reporting improved saving habits and financial stability.

  4. Through the program, we have seen a 35% increase in homeownership among our participants, reinforcing the effectiveness of our initiative.

  5. We've helped reduce homelessness rates in our service area by 10%, providing stable housing for those in need.

  6. Our program has had a broader socio-economic impact, contributing to an increase in the median income in our service areas by 5%.

  7. Encourages the transition to homeownership by offering a practical, affordable path.

  8. Helps families build wealth over time through homeownership.

  9. Facilitates financial stability by reducing the monthly housing cost burden.

  10. Encourages long-term investment in the community by facilitating homeownership.


This service encapsulates our unique selling proposition - offering innovative solutions to the pervasive issue of homeownership affordability. The advancing homeownership program embodies our core value of innovation and aligns with our vision to make homeownership an achievable dream for all.  

As S & S Foundation, Inc., we are committed to providing life-changing services that not only impact individual lives but also contribute to the overall socio-economic health of the communities we serve. Through our tailored approach and dedicated services, we are transforming the narrative of homeownership, one family at a time.

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